Curious about UKC shows?

A reminder from Sally Robson, secretary of the Grand River Kennel Club of Waterloo Wellington in Ontario–it’s not too late to enter the GRKC’s United  Kennel Club shows this weekend, April 28 and 29!

Conformation show--UKC

UKC conformation show. (Courtesy UKC website)

GRKC is holding four conformation shows and two obedience trials indoors at the Beverley Community Centre in Rockton. These are the club’s first set of licensed shows so come out and show your support.If you missed the pre-entry dead line, UKC is different than CKC. You can still enter for a slightly higher fee. Just contact or show up to enter in person between 8 and 9 a.m. before the show starts. A premium list is online at Canuck Dogs.

Dogs require UKC registration to compete, but if your dog isn’t registered with the UKC you can get a Temporary Listing Number online, over the phone or  at the show. In addition to regular classes, GRKC is offering Junior Showmanship, Altered Classes and Novice Puppy Classes at only $10.00 per show. Licensed classes are $25/entry in advance, $30/entry on the day of the show.

And remember that other key difference between UKC and CKC–no professional handlers allowed! As the UKC’s website says:

“UKC dog shows are family events designed by and for the breeder-owner-handler. Professional Handlers are not eligible to exhibit dogs for others at UKC Conformation Events … Our emphasis is on the owner-handler and breeder and their dogs.

The environment is friendly, open, fun, educational and competitive. While maintaining a degree of difficulty to preserve the integrity of the degree, UKC events and titles are attainable accomplishments for the amateur trainer and handler.  UKC events are, to a great degree, devoid of the pressure and disappointment experienced in similar events provided by competitive organizations.”

Obedience trial United Kennel Club

UKC obedience trial (Courtesy UKC website)

For more information call 226-868-4752 or email

And learn more about the United Kennel Club here.

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3 thoughts on “Curious about UKC shows?

  1. JOYCE SKJEIE says:

    I would be intersted in getting a Schedule of Future Shows.

    • Hi Joyce — If you go to, then to “Dog Events” , you’ll see “Finding an Event (Upcoming Events) in the dropdown menu. You can search by type of event, date and “state” (Canada counts as a “state” lol).

      I checked conformation and found there’s a show coming up July 20-22 in Erin Ontario with the Maple Leaf Kennel Club. The folks at the Grand River Kennel Club might be able to help you out too. — Lisa Ricciotti

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