Celebrating our one-month “birthday” with a contest!

Happy Birthday to us!

Today Pure.Dog.Blog–Canine Review’s new blog–is one month old! We’re celebrating in two different ways. First, join us in saying WOO HOO while we wave some flags around. (Don’t worry, we don’t plan on repeating this behaviour every month.)

Second, we have our first blog contest for you to enter!

We have readers from around the world!

Dog love has no boundaries. People from ’round the world are reading Pure.Dog.Blog

To let the suspense build about our contest, [details below], we’ll start with the flag waving. We’re very happy to report that in just one month, Pure.Dog.Blog has gone international!

We were excited to look at the blog stats from the past 30 days and see that readers from around the world are having a look at Pure.Dog.Blog. Most who drop in are from Canada and the U.S.–but in addition to those two main locales, we’ve had visitors from 25 other countries.

Here’s the list, from the most views per country to the least. We have fans in … (drum roll please!) … Canada and the United States of course. But you’re also reading the blog in …

we've gone global

Where in the world are YOU reading Pure.Dog.Blog? Tell us–we’re all ears!

Greece, the United Kingdom and Denmark

Poland, Costa Rica and The Netherlands

Sweden, Australia and Indonesia

Russian Federation, Argentina and South Africa

Philippines, Pakistan and Iceland (seriously!)

Puerto Rico, New Zealand and Mexico

Germany, Ecuador and the Czech Republic

Switzerland, Malaysia, and Thailand

and last but not least, in France.

So here’s a big shout-out to everyone who’s dropped in, wherever you are!

Which brings us to …  (another drum roll please! I’m feeling dramatic today) …  Pure.Dog.Blog Contest No. 1!

We have a FREE year’s subscription to Canine Review magazine up for grabs. (Did I just hear Canine Review Publisher Merla moaning, saying Please, don’t let the winner be one of those viewers in Argentina or New Zealand!) Seriously, it doesn’t matter where you are–everyone’s eligible and it’s easy to enter. All you have to do is … Leave a comment!

On the left-hand side of every blog entry/post, you’ll see the date, in black, followed by the words LEAVE A COMMENT in blue, teal, whatever you’d like to call that colour. To comment on anything you’ve read–or anything else dog-related–just click on those words. Scroll down to the bottom of the post, and you’ll see “Speak! Tell us what you think!” followed by a grey box where you enter your comments. Click the “Post Comment” button and you’re done!

We know you’re out there reading Pure.Dog.Blog–in 27 countries no less! But you’ve been very quiet … only a few of you have emailed comments. And as I say in the Why Pure.Dog.Blog? section: If there’s one thing dog people love as much as their dogs, it’s talking about them. So don’t make a liar out of me! Share your thoughts with others via LEAVE A COMMENT.

To entice you to break the ice and start commenting, EVERY PERSON WHO LEAVES A COMMENT FOR THE NEXT WEEK WILL BE ENTERED IN A DRAW FOR THE FREE CANINE REVIEW SUBSCRIPTION. (Sorry ’bout the all caps–JUST wanted to make sure you read that!)

It can be a comment on an older post, this one, or any that are posted in the next 7 days. And it doesn’t have to be a long message. It can be as simple as a note saying whether you like what you read (or not!). Or, send in your thoughts on the post’s topic.

I know you have something to say. I’ve never met a dog person yet who didn’t have a strong opinion on canine matters. So don’t be shy–join the conversation–and YOU COULD BE A WINNER!

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100 thoughts on “Celebrating our one-month “birthday” with a contest!

  1. Congratulations and great job on the magazine and web site!

  2. Sue Wilcox says:

    Excellant magazine, always a joy to read. DON’T FORGET!!! Erie Shores Kennel Club Shows in Caledonia, Ontario closes in two days on the 16th. DON’T MISS OUT!! Check MJN show services for the premium list.

  3. Barb Whymark says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! keep up the good work.I always look forward to receiving CV.Just love it.
    Don’t know about woo hoo.More apropriate should be Bow,Wow,Wow,don’t you think? Ha ha.

  4. Rea says:

    Canine Review has been a staple of the CDN dog show scene for so many years. I love picking up the new editions at the shows!

  5. Heidi Bell says:

    Great blog! Love your magazine!

  6. A good dog mag getting even better! With the demise of a couple of others recently I really look forward to seeing CR in my mailbox, and now a blog to read too – good job, guys!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Blog is a great idea. I hope it isn’t just a passing phase of ‘Canine Review’. Dog lovers are definately have a lot of passion about their own breed and it is great to read about it in your magazines.

  8. Dot Magnus says:

    So Happy for you! Congratulations on your One Month Anniversary! Its always a challenge to start something new, to see if it pays off, well, I think, this blog is a HIT!

  9. Congratulations on your new blog – what a great idea! My most favourite magazine next to my breed magazine :-))

  10. Cindy Thomas says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations on your 1 month anniversary! I hope to see Canine Review add a health clinics section in the future! Just want to put out to the readers that the Alberta Canine Cardiac Clinic Ltd. will be hosting it’s yearly Echocardiogram with Color Flow Doppler Clinic inconjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club shows August 3-5! Contact Cindy Thomas or Karen LeJeune at caninecardiacclinic@gmail.com or go to Alberta Health Clinics on the Canuck Dogs website to read the information flyer and to print off a registration form!

    • Thanks for the info, Cindy. It’s always good to know where and when the heart-testing clinics are. I just posted your info on Canine Review’s Facebook page as well.

  11. Sandy French says:

    Will there be a Link to TRANSLATE comments from the other countries Whippet Fanciers?
    Hope so.

    • Interesting idea! I’ve heard there’s a button on Facebook that does that … although I haven’t found it yet. This blog is built on WordPress and I’m not sure whether they have a widget or plug-in that translates. I will look into it! –Lisa r.

  12. Jasmine Cox says:

    Congratulations on your one month anniversary! Always glad to read more dog related things. I also noticed a lovely Hungarian Vizsla in your header photo for spring cleaning, it always make me happy to see them get some attention as they are so wonderful ;)

    • I’m happy to hear you’re noticing the photos in the headers. The images should change every time you look at a new page or when you re-visit, since they’re in a rotation. I loved that Vizla head too–out of hundreds of possibilities I had to include it!

      • Jasmine Cox says:

        It’s funny ’cause I double checked to see if they rotated before I posted and it was still the same, but of course after I went posted and went back it changed. Great photos by the way. I was also delighted to see the one with GSPs and the handlers with the pink camo, it raised a giggle.

        I’m looking forward to checking back and seeing what different breeds you mention in your blog.

  13. Johanne says:

    Great job! Always love the Canine review and now… surely love this website!

  14. Melissa says:

    Great job!! Keep up the good work!

  15. Layna Allan says:

    Congratulations to everyone on a job well done , we are one of the ones lurking and enjoying the new blog but not commenting:) happy one month birthday!!! Let’s hope you continue for some time!

  16. Love it! Great idea Molly. Happy Anniversary ‘paperless’ CR!

    • Thank you! Canine Review’s publisher also thanks you for the paperless comment. She’s convinced its the way of the future in publishing and wants to stay up to date on developments.

  17. Fantastic idea, great magazine.
    I look forward to reading each issue as it comes out. This blog will be a great addition.

    • Thanks for writing! That’s what we hope too–that the blog will make your Canine Review magazine experience even better.

      FYI: May’s issue is at the printer. Coming soon!

  18. Ann says:

    I am already in the habit of “checking in ” to see the latest!
    Great , Way to go! ”

    • We’re happy to become a habit! To make it even easier, you can “follow” Pure.Dog.Blog. Just scroll down to the very bottom of the page in the “footer” section and look for the words FOLLOW THIS BLOG! Click and follow the simple steps, then every time the blog is updated, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to the latest on Pure.Dog.Blog.

  19. Debby Lynch says:

    Congratulations on your one month anniversary!

  20. Bobbie Silverman says:

    Woo Hoo to you too. Great idea!!! Congratulations

  21. Heather Forbes says:

    What a great idea , Congrats on your anniversary and keep up with this exciting forum.

  22. Kate Barnett says:

    When I read your posts on my mobile, I only get the first bit before the cutoff. None of my other blogs do that, and it’s really frustrating since the purpose of a feed reader is to download the full content so it can be read anytime – I need to have the internet to click on the “view full article” link, which then leads me to the site which takes up a lot more bandwidth than just downloading the text. Know of any tricks to solve this?

    • I’ll have to pose the question to some of my tech friends who know more about that than me. Sorry to hear it’s a problem. I’ll get back to you, hopefully with a solution.

  23. Love the “Blog” – Happy first anniversary – awesome magazine and now a whole new way to interact – thanks Canine Review!

  24. Tammy Parris says:

    Congrats on 1 Month. Way to be innovative!

  25. Angela F says:

    Enjoyable reading for a dog fancier!

  26. Linda haven says:

    Nice new blog – please continue

  27. charlene says:

    Congratulations! Another good reason to look up Canine Review! I always enjoy your magazines and you do so well advertizng my boy!

  28. CarlosQuiñones says:

    Congratulations from Colombia to all involved in Pure.Dog-Blog

    • Hola chico! Gracias! (And that’s about all the Spanish I know, except dos servas, por favor. Thanks for stopping in and greeting to Colombia! What breed of dogs do you have?

  29. Sue Caillier WEESKELFShelties/Min Pins says:

    Whether it is the wee hours of the morning or the middle of the day, it is nice to know that I can check out the Dog Blog and see what’s happening. Congrats on the One Month Anniversary.

  30. I love Canine review and their dedication to the Dog World! A blog is a great idea to learn and share! I hope to learn from all the bloggers!

  31. Congratulations on your one month anniversary!

  32. I love Anniversary’s!!! Big Congratulations on a fantastic idea and great magazine! I hope a lot of people take part in the blog and we can openly discuss all sorts of issues.

  33. Keitha says:

    what a great idea

  34. Judy says:

    Congrats on your one month Anniversary blog . Enjoy reading the interesting info

  35. Dawn Larsen says:

    Congratulations, keep up the good work!

  36. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog!!!


  37. Cori says:

    Congratulations on keeping up with the times Canine Review and providing this venue for all dog enthusiasts! Well done. :-)

  38. Bernerbear says:

    I got quite the giggle several times.
    I’d personally like to say flag waving every month. Maybe pick a place like Thailand, show the flag, and a breed of dog, if one originated there. Maybe post a tourist designation or something.

  39. sassytails says:

    Happy one month birthday !!!
    Looking forward to more blogs :)

  40. sassytails says:

    Enjoy your blog!!! Would like to know about allergies… dogs seem to have more allergies (as people). What are the latest treatment options?
    Congratulations on your one month birthday :)

  41. Great Blog, congratulations on your 1st month anniversary. I recently read an article on Therapy Dogs and I just have to say that to me all dogs are therapy dogs; they help us to heal our body, our mind and our soul. They are the ultimate cure.

    • I agree! I recently did an article on therapy dogs for a human health magazine. I found it so inspiring, that I looked into it further and me and my five-year-old Frenchie are in the process of gettingn our certification with the Pet Therapy Association of Northern Alberta.

  42. Cathy B. says:

    Congratulations on a job well done..What a “GREAT” way for dog people to read, learn, and keep in touch.

  43. dawn beck says:

    awesome blog…

  44. Rita Jacques says:

    Awesome job on the blog! Very entertaining!

  45. Dena Monson says:

    Congrats on your one month anniversary!!

  46. sheila says:

    Congratulations, if and when you run a contest for your followers – let us know, we will be happy to donate a gift certificate for shopping on artsydog.com

  47. Jenny Best says:

    Great job, really enjoy reading this blog

    • That’s great to hear, Jenny! Your name, along with Linda’s, Molly’s and Mary’s go into the hat for the draw!

      It’s that simple, folks! Just “Leave A Comment” to enter!

  48. Linda Hill says:

    Congratulations on your one month anniversary! I would also like to invite you to come to the Doberman National Specialty Show at Spruce Meadows on August 4th. (Can I do that? Oh well, I just did!) We are celebrating the centennial of the first Doberman registered in Canada and are working hard to make this event and the Year of the Doberman unforgettable!

    • Yes you certainly can, both mention the specialty here and invite us! That’s a fascinating fact and it’s going into my ideas file. I’ll have to write about it in the future. Would you be the best person to contact?
      –Lisa Ricciotti

      • Linda Hill says:

        Yes, Lisa, I would be the best person to contact and I hope that you can make it out! Our host club, AKC has organized the Eukanuba Breeder’s Stakes and we also have the Alberta Circuit with Edmonton Kennel Club’s show following right on the heels of AKC. And if that isn’t enought – the CPHA & AKC are hosting a ‘Dunk Tank’ where people can take out their frustrations on their favorite dog show celebrity.

  49. Molly Ehmann says:

    I would like to see guest spots with experienced dog people from show, obed, field, etc talking about something they feel strongly about, or about a key moment or experience in their dog career.

  50. Mary Vanderburgh says:

    Congratulations on your one month anniversary!

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