Our First Guest Blogger Reports from Atlantic Canada

Hi everyone–Bonny Fisher here, Canine Review’s roving reporter from Atlantic Canada.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I decided the most interactive way to share the feeling of being submersed in the local show atmosphere would be by posting candid shots from one of local shows. Now that everyone can see show results almost immediately on various websites, why be redundant and reiterate what’s already out there?

Spencer demonstrates the downward dog yoga position

On May 19 and 20, the Tantramar Kennel Club hosted its annual set of all-breed shows in Amherst, Nova Scotia with the same hospitality it’s known and admired for year after year. In addition to four conformation shows, two obedience trials, two rally trials and junior handling, the Samoyed Association of Canada held its national specialty on Saturday evening, making for an even more excited atmosphere.

Let’s start with French Bulldog “Spencer” (Special Agent Spencer) owned by Sharon Strong. He had me in stitches all weekend, just the funniest little dude. He would constantly assume this “yoga pose” (the downward facing dog, no doubt!) and hold it for the l-o-o-o-o-ngest time imaginable. Sharon says Spencer does this when he wants something he isn’t allowed to have.

Here’s another of the adorable Spencer (below)  meeting a new friend, one of his English Bulldog cousins. Congrats to Spencer on finishing his championship at TKC, with multiple group placements!

Bulldog: “You look like a Bulldog but what’s with the funny ears?”
Frenchie: “What do you mean you can’t speak French?
Photo by Jessica Pellerin

“Of course I have a sock-monkey bed … doesn’t everyone?”

Above is Zoom, Am Can Ch Hilltop’s Zoom Zoom,  a Brussels Griffon owned by Dr. Michael Tipple and shown by Allison Foley.  Zoomie is taking a short break from the ring to enjoy his favorite monkey bed. Zoom is a multi BIS winner and currently the number one toy dog in Canada.

My friend Jessica Pellerin also snapped another little snoozer at Allison’s set up (below). I guess it was a scheduled nap time for all the puppies at Leading Edge? I often wish I could do the same at shows… scoot over little Shih Tzu, it’s my turn!

Catching some Z’s … it’s hard work being this beautiful!

This puppy’s a winner!

Dean and Jennifer Tomes from Sackville, New Brunswick had a great weekend with their Manchester puppy Ch Mersey’s Rhythm and Blues. They won three Group 1sts, four Best Puppy In Groups and a Best Puppy in Show!

And to end our photo replay, here are some shots of the Sammies who travelled to Amherst to compete in SAC’s National in Amherst at TKC’s shows. I saw some adorable youngsters and I’m not entirely sure how I resisted trying to sneak some of them home with me in my bag.They were absolutely delicious looking!

Jessica also captured a shot of what appeared to be “Samoyed Alley” (below). All that beautiful white fluff, hard not to want to smush your face in theirs!Congratulations to all of the dogs and owners that did so well at the national! It was wonderful to have it back on the East Coast again.

What’s cuter than a Samoyed puppy? How about TWO Samoyed puppies!

Welcome to Samoyed Alley!

So there it is, my first guest blog! I am thrilled to file show reports and urge people to write me about their brags or anything they would like posted in the blog. I love when people are proud and would be happy to help deliver the wonderful news! Or, send me updates about upcoming workshops, seminars, specialties and other things of doggy interest that need promoting in Atlantic Canada.

Contact me at bgalbra*nbnet.nb.ca (replace * with @ symbol). I’ll be happy to get the word out!

– Bonny Fisher, Canine Review’s Atlantic Coast-to-Coast reporter
& Guest Blogger for Pure.Dog.Blog

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