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Pure.Dog.Blog is the blog for Canine Review magazine

Canine Review is Canada’s oldest independent dog show magazine. It was the first Canadian dog show entity to have an Internet presence and today it continues to lead the pack as the world’s first dog show entity on mobile devices.

Our Focus

Canine Review proudly celebrates competitive purebred dogs and the people who love them–top breeders, handlers and dog show owners. We share the stories of the dog show world and connect you to its participants through our wide range of interviews and articles. Our coverage of Canada’s dog shows includes first-hand perspectives from judges through to junior handlers as well as news from across Canada shared by our roving reporters in every province. Because what happens outside the ring affects what happens within it, we also focus on canine health issues, breed specific legislation (BSL), conformation handling and training for performance events such as obedience and rally. As well, every issue shines the spotlight on purebreds with in-depth breed profiles. We’ll keep you in touch with latest from Canada’s competitive purebred dog scene!

Our Mission
Since many of Canada’s top dogs now compete around the world, Canine Review aims to reach the wider international audience. Our goal is to bring together the competitive purebred sport from all countries where competitive purebred shows are staged. Whether it’s our dogs competing abroad or foreign dogs competing here in Canada, we have it covered on our pages and on your mobile device.
Our Magazine
Published 8 times a year and emailed to over 3,000 judges worldwide.A complimentary copy is also mailed to all CKC and AKC judges qualified to judge 3 or more groups or Best in Show. You’ll find top breeders, handlers and dog show enthusiasts on the pages of Canine Review or read it online.

2 thoughts on “Canine Review

  1. JL says:

    Your magazine is really nice. I especially liked the article on tail docking as I have a breed that requires it and feel they don’t look very good undocked. As well, it doesn’t fit one of the rules of the standard if undocked when some tails curl over the back.

    Since health issues are a big issue these days, it would be nice to see some articles discussing some of these issues and how to try to reduce them or deal with them. Any articles on breeding with the use of frozen semen and guidelines to success would also be appreciated.


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