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not so funny friday

It’s hard to find the humour today …

For anyone that hasn’t heard, CKC is once again without a CEO–oops! title changed, make that Executive Director. It took them 10 months to fill the position, and now after being in the position less time than that, our fearless new leader is gone???

A brief note went out from CKC yesterday to members who have signed up for its “Good To Know” email news:

CKC news

The not so “Good to Know” latest news from CKC

Executive Director Nancy Carey Leaves CKC

Please note that, as of September 18, 2012, Nancy Carey has left the position of Executive Director, and the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Senior Manager of Membership Services, Leila Bahorie, has accepted the position of Interim Executive Director.

Huh??? I haven’t been paying close attention to CKC lately, but I sure didn’t see that coming.

It seems like only yesterday that CKC was proudly announcing Nancy Carey appointment (actually, it was January 11, 2012 to be precise) and singing her praises:

Nancy Carey has been a leader and a force of change in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Working at the executive level in the airline, tourism and economic development and trade association sectors, she has proven herself as a powerful influencer who develops and executes strategies and initiatives most critical to the organization …  Nancy has achieved great success in strategically growing and sustaining a member-based organization,  has managed many strategic alliances and partnerships in over 20 sectors … has served as board secretary and is skilled in board governance management … is also well versed in government relations and has worked with all levels of government …  Dynamic, proactive and politically astute, Nancy is an outstanding communicator and engaging leader and we welcome her leadership at the CKC.

So what happened?

There’s no statement about her dismissal?/resignation? in the synopsis of the most recent CKC board of directors meetings, held September 15 and 16. What we do know from some members who attended is that Ms Carey was there on Saturday–and that’s also when the BOD recused itself from the public gallery for a FIVE-HOUR in camera session. When sessions resumed on Sunday, no more Nancy … That was the 16th, and the official notice is dated Sept. 18th.

So what happens now? Another expensive executive search?Another short term for someone at the top?  Another transition period when CKC so desperately needs a united focus on a new vision?

There are so many things CKC needs to finalize and move ahead on. Because of the lengthy in-camera session, not all agenda items were covered–including a decision on who will publish CKC’s Dogs in Canada Annual and revive its magazine, albeit on an abbreviated publication schedule.

Canadian Dogs Annual CoverWith a competitor already selling ads for its new annual, does CKC have any chance now of putting out a successful annual? With so much insecurity, it’s doubtful that even loyal CKC members will wait to place their ads in the club publication when it will appear who knows when after the new rival’s. And the fact that the non-CKC annual about to appear on the scene uses a similar title (Canadian Dogs Annual vs. the official CKC Dogs In Canada Annual) and has set up a website with a logo that mimics Dogs In Canada’s old logo so closely that I’m surprised a copyright suit isn’t in the works … well, it’s starting to look like CKC’s annual is doomed before it re-starts. (Really Redstone Media Group–couldn’t you come up with a look of your own, not a copycat knock-off?)

So trying to find a bright spot, I guess the “good news” for today is,  if you’re interested in being executive director at CKC–the job is open!

The Oatmeal cartoon Funny dogCan’t end without giving you something to laugh at. Courtesy of my nephew, here’s something every dog lover can relate to: a cartoon called My Dog the Paradox, by the strange but brilliant “Oatmeal.”

It’s become so popular that it’s now available as a poster!

Are you worried about CKC’s future? How do you think the departure of Executive Director Nancy Carey will affect CKC?

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What’s a Lagotto Romagnolo?

With a surname like Ricciotti, you’d think I’d know what a Lagotto Romagnolo is. But shamefully I didn’t, until Google enlightened me this morning.

Lagotto RomagnoloThe name sounds like a savoury Italian dish, but the Lagotto Romagnolo is a rare and ancient dog breed from Italy. Get ready to roll your rrrrr’s and say it after me: lag-oh-toe r-r-r-r-roman-yolo.

It’s fun to say and it’s  also the latest breed to join CKC’s Listed Breed list, effective July 1. So here’s a heads-up to all CKC show volunteers. That dog that looks like a goldendoodle might be a proud member of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed so don’t kick it off your show grounds!

I’m not sure how many Lagotto breeders exist in Canada–if you’re a member of the Lagotto Club of Canada, let me know! But I did find links to breeders in B.C.,  Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as a stat saying there are less than 500 Lagotto dogs in all of the U.S.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto shown in their country of origin–Italy

CKC has assigned the Lagotto to Group 1, the Sporting Group–which seems like its rightful location. The breed originated as a water retrieving dog in Italy where it was used to bring ducks and other waterfowl back to hunters in the marshlands of Ravenna and the lowlands of Comacchio. It loves loves loves water and is thought to be the foundation breed behind all water dog breeds, including the Portuguese Water Dog, the Poodle (yes, the Poodle is a water dog–lets put it where it belongs in the Sporting Group!) and  Continue reading

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End Ontario’s ban on pit bulls. Help change a bad law

The pollsters got it wrong. No victory for the Wildrose in Alberta this morning, landslide or otherwise. After last night’s provincial election, Albertans are waking today with the Progressive Conservatives still in power, although Alison Redford says her brand of PCs will emphasize the “progressive” as much as the “conservative” in the party’s name.

Which goes to show: Never take anything for granted in politics. Or the dog world. Especially when it comes to Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL).


Ban the deed. Not the breed.

They said BSL couldn’t happen in Canada–but Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) proved it could. Back in 2005, Ontario shocked dog lovers worldwide by becoming the first province or state in North America to completely ban a group of dogs. Attorney General Mike Bryant introduced “breed-specific” legislation that made it illegal to own “a pit bull” or anything loosely resembling its vague definition of a “pit bull”-like “breed.”

To date all protests and lobby efforts against the ban have failed. Now a private members’ act called Bill 16 is giving new hope that the province’s seven-year-old misguided “pit bull” ban might be overturned. But don’t count on victory yet. The bill has made it through its second reading and tomorrow is the final day of public hearings. Support against DOLA looks strong–but Bill 16 still has to pass a third and final reading in Ontario’s legislative. Continue reading


Looking at CKC stats on a snowy spring day

What comes after Funny Fridays? Why, Serious Saturdays, of course!

Actually, you can blame the weather for today’s rather dry post. The snow came back (again) to Edmonton, so I stayed in and caught up on emails while singing “Springtime in Alberta” along with Ian Tyson.

Dog Agility Trials

Agility is No. 3 for CKC! Photo: don j schulte @ oxherder arts

Which eventually led me to CKC’s 2011 annual reports from committees and councils …. It’s a 55-page document that you probably don’t want to read unless you’re obsessive like me. For the rest of you saner folks, I’ve pulled out stats from the reports on CKC’s conformation and performance events so you don’t have to wade through it to find them. (You’re welcome!)

As we all know, conformation is king. But did you realize by how much? There are more than 11.6 times as many conformation entries as obedience entries.

Here’s what CKC entry numbers looked like for 2011, “as of the end of October 2011“, i.e. when committee reports were submitted. Continue reading

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Need help attracting puppy buyers online?

Read the synopsis of CKC’s Annual General Meeting yet?

This year you don’t have to wait a whole year to know what was discussed. CKC won’t release the official minutes of the 2012 AGM until the 2013 AGM because it believes the minutes must be approved first … which can’t happen until the next AGM a year later … but this year they’ve shortened that lengthy communication gap with an 11-page synopsis online. We call that progress.

Cover of Dogs In Canada Annual 2012

Hard copies are still on sale, but the online Dogs In Canada Annual breeder directory is gone. What happens in 2013?

I’m still working my way through it, but it’s interesting reading, especially the summary of questions from CKC members. As the synopsis puts it: Questions from the floor are generally a barometer of the ‘lay of the land’ from a grassroots perspective of the Club directly from the membership. Exactly–and I suspect that like me, you’ll find yourself nodding your head and saying “Good question!”

Unfortunately there’s no immediate “Good answer!” for most member questions. The majority were received as information, as the lingo goes, and will be “… formally referred to the Board or the appropriate Committee or Council for further review and any subsequent action.” Or in plain language: “We hear you and we’ll get back to you on that.”

One question that did receive some immediate feedback from the CKC Board came from Richard Paquette (Wenrick Perm Reg’d and CKC all-breed judge). Like many of us, Richard wondered how the CKC plans to fill the vacuum left by the demise of the Dogs in Canada Annual, both online and in print. You’ll find Richard’s question on page 7; a snippet is below: Continue reading


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