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End Ontario’s ban on pit bulls. Help change a bad law

The pollsters got it wrong. No victory for the Wildrose in Alberta this morning, landslide or otherwise. After last night’s provincial election, Albertans are waking today with the Progressive Conservatives still in power, although Alison Redford says her brand of PCs will emphasize the “progressive” as much as the “conservative” in the party’s name.

Which goes to show: Never take anything for granted in politics. Or the dog world. Especially when it comes to Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL).


Ban the deed. Not the breed.

They said BSL couldn’t happen in Canada–but Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) proved it could. Back in 2005, Ontario shocked dog lovers worldwide by becoming the first province or state in North America to completely ban a group of dogs. Attorney General Mike Bryant introduced “breed-specific” legislation that made it illegal to own “a pit bull” or anything loosely resembling its vague definition of a “pit bull”-like “breed.”

To date all protests and lobby efforts against the ban have failed. Now a private members’ act called Bill 16 is giving new hope that the province’s seven-year-old misguided “pit bull” ban might be overturned. But don’t count on victory yet. The bill has made it through its second reading and tomorrow is the final day of public hearings. Support against DOLA looks strong–but Bill 16 still has to pass a third and final reading in Ontario’s legislative. Continue reading


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