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not so funny friday

It’s hard to find the humour today …

For anyone that hasn’t heard, CKC is once again without a CEO–oops! title changed, make that Executive Director. It took them 10 months to fill the position, and now after being in the position less time than that, our fearless new leader is gone???

A brief note went out from CKC yesterday to members who have signed up for its “Good To Know” email news:

CKC news

The not so “Good to Know” latest news from CKC

Executive Director Nancy Carey Leaves CKC

Please note that, as of September 18, 2012, Nancy Carey has left the position of Executive Director, and the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Senior Manager of Membership Services, Leila Bahorie, has accepted the position of Interim Executive Director.

Huh??? I haven’t been paying close attention to CKC lately, but I sure didn’t see that coming.

It seems like only yesterday that CKC was proudly announcing Nancy Carey appointment (actually, it was January 11, 2012 to be precise) and singing her praises:

Nancy Carey has been a leader and a force of change in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Working at the executive level in the airline, tourism and economic development and trade association sectors, she has proven herself as a powerful influencer who develops and executes strategies and initiatives most critical to the organization …  Nancy has achieved great success in strategically growing and sustaining a member-based organization,  has managed many strategic alliances and partnerships in over 20 sectors … has served as board secretary and is skilled in board governance management … is also well versed in government relations and has worked with all levels of government …  Dynamic, proactive and politically astute, Nancy is an outstanding communicator and engaging leader and we welcome her leadership at the CKC.

So what happened?

There’s no statement about her dismissal?/resignation? in the synopsis of the most recent CKC board of directors meetings, held September 15 and 16. What we do know from some members who attended is that Ms Carey was there on Saturday–and that’s also when the BOD recused itself from the public gallery for a FIVE-HOUR in camera session. When sessions resumed on Sunday, no more Nancy … That was the 16th, and the official notice is dated Sept. 18th.

So what happens now? Another expensive executive search?Another short term for someone at the top?  Another transition period when CKC so desperately needs a united focus on a new vision?

There are so many things CKC needs to finalize and move ahead on. Because of the lengthy in-camera session, not all agenda items were covered–including a decision on who will publish CKC’s Dogs in Canada Annual and revive its magazine, albeit on an abbreviated publication schedule.

Canadian Dogs Annual CoverWith a competitor already selling ads for its new annual, does CKC have any chance now of putting out a successful annual? With so much insecurity, it’s doubtful that even loyal CKC members will wait to place their ads in the club publication when it will appear who knows when after the new rival’s. And the fact that the non-CKC annual about to appear on the scene uses a similar title (Canadian Dogs Annual vs. the official CKC Dogs In Canada Annual) and has set up a website with a logo that mimics Dogs In Canada’s old logo so closely that I’m surprised a copyright suit isn’t in the works … well, it’s starting to look like CKC’s annual is doomed before it re-starts. (Really Redstone Media Group–couldn’t you come up with a look of your own, not a copycat knock-off?)

So trying to find a bright spot, I guess the “good news” for today is,  if you’re interested in being executive director at CKC–the job is open!

The Oatmeal cartoon Funny dogCan’t end without giving you something to laugh at. Courtesy of my nephew, here’s something every dog lover can relate to: a cartoon called My Dog the Paradox, by the strange but brilliant “Oatmeal.”

It’s become so popular that it’s now available as a poster!

Are you worried about CKC’s future? How do you think the departure of Executive Director Nancy Carey will affect CKC?

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Does this box make my butt look fat?

It’s the return of Funny Fridays!

It’s been a rough week in my life. Which can only mean … it’s time for some YouTube silly dog videos!

How can you not smile after watching this one?

A hat tip to my sister Maryellen for sharing this Bulldog-in-a-Box moment. It made me laugh because my Stoney da Bulldog had a lifelong fear of boxes, developed while watching us pack for the big move from Winnipeg to Edmonton. The sight of a box would make my big boy anxious, thinking another move was in the works!

It also makes me laugh because my Frenchies also seem to love small spaces, just like the Bully in the video. Buy a nice big bed for them, and they’ll ignore it. Instead, they’ll all try to curl up in a small one together.

Now for those of you who are thinking that Funny Fridays should be renamed Bulldog Fridays, I recognize my bias;) And promise that next week’s will feature some other breed! If you have a favourite video, send it to me at

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What’s so funny about Westminster, Crufts and the Purina? Plenty!

The May issue of Canine Review is rolling off the presses as I write this and will be in your hands soon! This issue features highlights of the top conformation shows in dogdom from three countries–Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom–as seen through the eyes of our ringside reporters:

As always, competition was fierce. These prestigious shows set the standard for showmanship and quality in their countries, and exhibitors take them seriously. When the stakes are high, emotions ratchet up to the same level.

But if show people ever start taking themselves too seriously, all we have to do is rewatch Best In Show to remember how strange (and yes, funny!) our competitions look to outsiders. The 2000 classic is billed as a “mockumentary,” but I always tell my non-doggy friends it’s better described as a documentary.

So for this week’s Funny Friday, we’ve rounded up some classic comedy clips that show the lighter side of Westminster, Crufts and the Purina. Because no matter how much these events focus on drama and glamour, dogs will be dogs, and exhibitors are still oh-so-human.

First: Westminster with the tables turned, as the TV colour commentators report on the exhibitors, not the dogs. This came out about three years ago, an homage to the Dark-Haired White Working Women in Knee-Length Skirts and Matching Jackets Group, with colours that range from “buff to eggshell, always accessorized with ballet flats in matching tones,” featuring classes such as the “beloved endormophic, myopic office manager.” I do think this clip is rather harsh in rating the size of the women handlers, but it’s all in good fun.

And guys, the satirists haven’t ignored you. There’s a companion Westminster video that highlights the White Working Men in Suits Group (including white middle-management prancing executives in solid-coloured suits).

Crufts and Crazy Brits go hand in hand and no one can poke fun at themselves while keeping a stiff upper lip like the British. For proof, the Kennel Club itself offers its own official collection of the funniest moments from Crufts 2012, including the mortifying moment when an agility team in the midst of an awesome run is disqualified when the dog “loses control” as nature calls. (My husband says this video is in extremely poor taste. But he’s not the pooper-scooper in our house, so I figure his opinion’s not worth s**t!) As the droll commentator says: “A dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do.”

Here’s another that shows the ups and many downs of agility competitors, plus a poodle that seems to get a paralysing attack of stage fright halfway through the weave poles (around 1:17)

And finally, when Canadian comedian Rick Mercer tries his hand at handling at the Purina National under esteemed judge Dr. John Reeve-Newson you can expect some funny moments. This one’s a must-watch if you missed it on The Rick Mercer Report, his TV show. Many LOL moments, with a lot of faces that the Canadian crowd will recognize.

Happy Friday everyone, and may your dog have its day at the shows and trials this weekend.

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Funny Friday #3: Daxie dogs versus … whatever!

Funny Friday No. 3!

This week, we shine the spotlight on the breed featured in Canine Review’s May issue–the daring Dachshund! He’s little but brave and willing to take on any challenge. Since it’s hard to find badgers in today’s backyards, his new opponents could be anything from fish (don’t worry, it’s a motorized toy fish) to a penguin to bunny wabbits!

To start things off with a giggle (LOTS of giggling), here’s a Dachshund vs. baby’s bath toys.

And now, a Dachshund dilemma that require them to think outside the box–in this case a “cage” made out of soda cans. Two different Daxies, two different approaches. Can they do it???

That was Daxies vs. soda cans. Now for your enjoyment … a playful Dachshund puppy vs. a crab! And the winner is ??? Continue reading


Funny Friday 2: Puppy tells Momma off & Matzoball steals the show

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

I just spent a highly productive hour watching silly doggy videos on YouTube, deciding what to pick for today’s “Funny Friday” video. I passed by the classics that you’ve all seen so many times … the Husky saying “I wuv you”; the dog caught red-handed with a wastebasket lid on its head trying not to look guilty after trashing the bathroom; the very determined terrier setting a new personal record by popping 100 balloon in 77 seconds and the “ultimate dog tease” hit created by Canadian Andrew Grantham with Clark the Talking Dog.

But I kept coming back to this one: A spunky Bulldog puppy who looks like a mini-polar bear telling off his very patient mom. Keep watching to see Momma’s respond with some playful moves around 2:04 seconds.

And maybe you’ve seen this one before, but I hadn’t. A very nervous Adam Sandler fills in for David Letterman and decides to practice his interview skills on his bulldog “Matzoball” before bringing out the celebrity (human) guests–who don’t impress Matzoball one bit!

OK, you may have noticed … both videos feature Bulldogs. What can I say, busted! I’m showing my Bulldog bias. You’ll have to help me give equal time to other breeds … funny and bulldog just go together so naturally for me. So send me YOUR favourite funny dog video and we’ll feature them next week. Email your links to me: puredogdogblog* (replace * with an @ sign).


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