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Looking at CKC stats on a snowy spring day

What comes after Funny Fridays? Why, Serious Saturdays, of course!

Actually, you can blame the weather for today’s rather dry post. The snow came back (again) to Edmonton, so I stayed in and caught up on emails while singing “Springtime in Alberta” along with Ian Tyson.

Dog Agility Trials

Agility is No. 3 for CKC! Photo: don j schulte @ oxherder arts

Which eventually led me to CKC’s 2011 annual reports from committees and councils …. It’s a 55-page document that you probably don’t want to read unless you’re obsessive like me. For the rest of you saner folks, I’ve pulled out stats from the reports on CKC’s conformation and performance events so you don’t have to wade through it to find them. (You’re welcome!)

As we all know, conformation is king. But did you realize by how much? There are more than 11.6 times as many conformation entries as obedience entries.

Here’s what CKC entry numbers looked like for 2011, “as of the end of October 2011“, i.e. when committee reports were submitted. Continue reading

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