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Celebrating our one-month “birthday” with a contest!

Happy Birthday to us!

Today Pure.Dog.Blog–Canine Review’s new blog–is one month old! We’re celebrating in two different ways. First, join us in saying WOO HOO while we wave some flags around. (Don’t worry, we don’t plan on repeating this behaviour every month.)

Second, we have our first blog contest for you to enter!

We have readers from around the world!

Dog love has no boundaries. People from ’round the world are reading Pure.Dog.Blog

To let the suspense build about our contest, [details below], we’ll start with the flag waving. We’re very happy to report that in just one month, Pure.Dog.Blog has gone international!

We were excited to look at the blog stats from the past 30 days and see that readers from around the world are having a look at Pure.Dog.Blog. Most who drop in are from Canada and the U.S.–but in addition to those two main locales, we’ve had visitors from 25 other countries.

Here’s the list, from the most views per country to the least. We have fans in … (drum roll please!) … Canada and the United States of course. But you’re also reading the blog in … Continue reading

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