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Why breeders should care about PETA’s attack on Chris Brown

I doubt that dog breeders spend too much time thinking about Chris Brown, the rap/R&B artist who’s worked on repairing his career and reputation since busting up Rihanna’s face three years ago.  Maybe you listen to his music on long car rides to shows or while grooming dogs? Not me–don’t like his music, don’t like the man. Men who beat women cross a line that’s hard to forgive in my books.

Chris Brown and pit bull puppy

You did WHAT? You bred a litter?

But this week, I find myself defending Chris Brown. And if you’re a breeder, take note of his latest “crime.” Because this time it’s personal. Brown’s latest offense? He’s dared to *oh the horror* breed a litter. Worse still, the puppies are so-called pitbulls. And most unforgivable of all, he’s actually SELLING them and intends to keep the cash.

Brown recently drew some negative publicity when he stormed off the set of Good Morning America on March 22, refusing to perform his second number. He then ripped off his shirt and went ballistic in his dressing room, shattering a thick window and sending glass flying down onto Broadway Avenue. Why the rampage? Co-host Robin Roberts asked him some questions about Rihanna now that the restraining order was dropped. But hey, turns out he was “just blowing off steam” and after a year of domestic abuse counselling “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!!” he says.

Poor misunderstood bad boy. The public was willing to move right along, put your past behind and keep snapping up F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies), your latest album. But then your *real* dirty secret came out: You breed and sell dogs.  Or at least yo momma does.

The outrage started last Monday when Brown’s manager-mother Joyce Hawkins sent out a tweet: “CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE,” with a link to the CB Breeds website.  There, under an adorable photo of Brown cuddling a cute puppy, the website presented seven pitbull puppies for sale–Princess, Precious, Pretty, Beauty, Fortune, Music and Jett– available to anyone who wanted to put them in their PayPal shopping cart for $1,000 each.

OK, be horrified at his mother’s materialistic marketing approach, trying to cash in on her son’s celeb status. But did she or Brown deserve Continue reading

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